Why couldn’t WE just give something “BACK” with no reason? 

We are sure…YOU CAN!!!

Travelling a couple of years ago through the staggering landscapes that surrounds the Sacred Valley of the Incas in PerĂº, we, all of a sudden, hit the road off-the-beaten path eager to explore and discover the essence of what a journey really is, few minutes later we stopped on a side of the road and met a “not poor” (I will explain it later) but very humble family who were immersed in their daily basis duties and looked so blissful and above all…truly united and committed to what they were doing.

When we approached them, I think we had our hearts drawn in our faces and such a joyful expression because as soon as they saw us they came to us like childs discovering a brand new toy, a little suspicious we must say but intrigued and amazed as well. We kindly asked them If we were able to help and share their day along with them, due to we didn’t want to disrupt or halt their calmness in no way, and they gave us a loud and clear answer, an unison “YES”.

So we helped preparing the earth and seeding, all kids were helping and cleaning around as well and, of course, playing the most of the time. Turns out that this day we supposed to have a picnic as part of our lunch during the day and you know what? we had one indeed, the most incredible and meaningful lunch we’ve ever had or dreamed of, we can still hear the laughter of the kids in the background while feeling the wind in our faces and the smell of the fresh removed and watered earth. After lunch, we all hopped on the car and went to the local market where we bought more seeds, fruits, bread and personal articles like clothes for the all family.

We spent an entire day with them but come on…who says “spent” when you actually learn a priceless lesson, who thinks in “arguing” when you witness a truly united family albeit the circumstances are harsh, who says “poor” when they are so wealthy in calmness, blissful, joy and find their happiness in a simple life that draws a smile on their faces and more important…inside their hearts.

A lack of life meaning is what we experience presently amid this huge turmoil but…¿is there anything we can do? OF COURSE there is, this is THE recipe, optimism is not just a nice word, it must be a regular perspective of life, YOU CAN, as the greatest of all times said, spread the joy, serve others and put them first, YOU CAN DO a favor without expecting nothing back, YOU CAN make a difference in this world just a little bit at the time not because we need to know your name…but because YOU CAN, can’t you?


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