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Why couldn’t WE just give something “BACK” with no reason?  We are sure…YOU CAN!!! Travelling a couple of years ago through the staggering landscapes that surrounds the Sacred Valley of the Incas in PerĂº, we, all of a sudden, hit the road off-the-beaten path eager to explore and discover the essence of what a journey really is, few minutes later we stopped on a side of the road and met a “not poor” ( I will explain it later ) but very humble family who were immersed in their daily basis duties and looked so blissful and above all…truly united and committed to what they were doing. When we approached them, I think we had our hearts drawn in our faces and such a joyful expression because as soon as they saw us they came to us like childs discovering a brand new toy, a little suspicious we must say but intrigued and amazed as well. We kindly asked them If we were able to help and share their day along with them, due to we didn’t want to disrupt or halt their calmness in no way, and they